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Dental Patients share success stories about TMJ treatment with Dr. Feld DDS

Virginia talks about her TMJ and treatment by Dr. Leonard Feld.

SHERYL, Sleep Apnea, lethargy, imbalance, helped by Dr. Leonard Feld DDS

ROBIN, Teacher and patient with TMJ.

Li, suffered with Tinnitus, severe jaw pain and clicking in her ear.

HAZEL AND ANDY ANDERSON, Parkinson's Patient finds comfort and support.

CATHERINE, suffered with Migraine headaches and sever neck pain

BRUCE UNDERWOOD talks about Dr. Feld DDS

BOBBI could hardly open her mouth until she met Dr. Leonard Feld DDS

Dental Patient with severe TMJ

Charisse Anderson

Alan Ryave

Marlys Costello

Judy Blackburn

Sharon Jones

Robert Davis

Roberta Magalong

Linda Saunders

Kay Creed

Caramia Trull

Douglas Bennett

Ofelia Granados

Dora Taylor

Carlos Carpio

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Great service and friendly staff ! I would recommend this place to all my friends and family. They are so friendly and nice. Been going to this place for more than 10 years. I like the reminders, customer service, staff and how clean the place is kept. It's a great establishment which services many forms of dentistry. Been going there since I was young. Clean and very friendly staff. Dr. Feld is awesome and knowledgeable.